MBNA OILFIELD Services can offer Cold cutting Services on rental basis.



E.H. Wachs LCSF Clearance Split Frame is the world's most versatile and comprehensive line of lightweight Split frame clamshell style portable machine tools on the market today. The LCSF is designed to cut , bevel , single point , counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tubing ranging from 2 to 48 inches 0.D. (DN50-1200), on most wall thicknesses and materials.




  • The LCSF split frame utilizes a cold cutting machining process, an operation that minimizes the risks associated with hot torch cutting and grinding, particularly important when hydrocarbons are present. 


  • In addition, torch cutting typically creates a heat effected zone (HAZ) and introduces airborne contaminants into the environment, unacceptable in many work sites and a potential health hazard.      




  • The LCSF is ideal for all types of pipe cutting, beveling and end prepping
  • The split frames  are named for their ability to split in half at the frame , or

         "break open" and bolt back together again.

  • This allows them to open and mount around the O.D of inline piping, or they

          can be slipped closed over open ended pipe.

  • The LCSF has been engineered to apply precise, consistently square cuts and bevels on pipe, tube and casing the first time, every time.