• To isolate an area and allow hot work to be carried out in a CLEAN, SAFE and HAZARD FREE manner, WITHOUT the need to SHUT-DOWN a platform.

  • To eliminate the need for costly shut-downs.


  • Eliminates the need for shut-downs

  • Isolate the welding area

  • Contains the heat source

  • Provides a positive barrier between welding and flammables

  • Confines sparks & splatter



  1. Panel standard sizes 1 meter × 1 meter or 2 meter × 1 meter

  2. Panel is constructed from lightweight-flame retardant-fiber glass based material,

  3. Industrial type zip fasteners (c/w toggles both inside & outside) and an integrated

  4. Velcro sealing strips attached to each panel

  5. Two (2) off sleeve type penetration panels; 2 meters × 1 meter emergency rip and run panel

  6. Additional penetration panels are supplied upon request

  7. Manometer to show positive pressure reading 20 - 60 Pascal

  8. Zone-1 Explosion proof electric blowers; capable of inflating the habitat and maintaining a positive pressure and sufficient volume of air

  9. Two (2) door air-lock system; to minimize air loss during entry and exit

  10. Spare additional panels are supplied with each habitat

  11. Repair kit for minor tears and abrasions supplied

Automatic Shutdown System.

  1. Human factor replaced by automatic system

  2. Closes down all electrical and air tools, if one of the following occurs:

    • Gas Detection (H2S LEL)

    • Loss of Overpressure

    • Emergency Isolation Stop

    • Equipment Malfunction

  3. LEL Detector was set at 10% LEL

  4. H2S Detector was set at 10 ppm







Habitat with double door airlock system


Habitat system back exit



Fabrication of Habitat Panel